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Trekking & cross-country skiing


Hautavuori ja Hautajärvi trail

Starting point: Path starts from the field near the Manor Taulun Kartano (Tauluntie 596, 41410 Kankainen).

Paikkalanvuori, parish center

Starting point: Parking lot of the Sports Arena along Palosentie (once you turn from Toivakantie, drive along Palosentie for about 400 meters).

Rummakko trail, Ruuhimäki

About 4 km long nature trail, along which you can stop and make a campfire at a designated place.

Starting point: Drive along Tauluntie until you pass the camping site and continue Ranta-Kankaisentie for about 1 km, where you will see a car park and a map of the area.

Viisarimäki trail

The basic trail is about 2 km with an additional trail of 1,5 km.

Starting point: About 500 meters from the crossing of Viisarimäki towards Rutalahti (Rutalahdentie 72, 41660 Toivakka).

Laavu trail, Huikko

1,5 km trail with a resting and campfire place.

Starting point: Take a turn from Huikontie towards a shooting range and you will see Parking and trail signs (nearest address Huikontie 636, 41660 Toivakka)

Nisula trail

Nisula village trail and a campfire place.

Starting point: Toivola Estate (Nisulantie 595 B, 41710 Rutalahti), parking by the Nisula recycling shed.

Cross-country skiing trails