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Shops & services

“Shopkeeper Perälä owned the first gramophone in the village. It had a curvy and wide mouthed horn. The shopkeeper set the gramophone on the window shelf and opened the window. The whole village heard the music.” 
Story written in Tarinavakka

In the Toivakka centre you will find for example two grocery stores, a bank, a pharmacy, hairdressers, a local bar, a car repair shop and gas station, ATM and other services.

E-car charging station is located in Iltaruskontie 2, 41660 Toivakka.

Finland’s oldest village shop K-market Perälä (and post office)
Toivakantie 30, 41660

Grocery shop Sale Toivakka
Toivakantie 41, 41660 Toivakka