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Welcome to Toivakka

Welcome to Toivakka

Toivakka is a Pearl of the Finnish Lakeland!

Toivakka offers visitors experiences throughout the year. A beautiful wooden church on top of a hill surprises visitors with its unique artwork. The village trail “Perinnepolku”, as well as the Old Vicarage “Vanha Pappila” and the museum area are filled with tradition and history. The surrounding nature enchants visitors with glacial traces, and offers excellent nature trails for trekking and cross-country skiing amongst activities such as fishing, hunting, mushroom and berry picking.

Did you know that the deepest point of Finland’s inland waters and the country’s largest pinewood are both located in Toivakka? Have you heard that Britain’s Queen Elisabeth II and her husband Prince Philip once visited Toivakka and enjoyed an outdoors lunch in the forest with President Urho Kekkonen? The woodland area is nowadays preserved as a heritage forest, and also named “Elisabeth’s Forest” after the Queen.

Wellness in Toivakka can be experienced in many ways with a variety of services available from yoga weekends to nature cooking courses and silence retreats. Accommodation can be suited to personal taste from a log house to a historical manor, and choices are varied when it is time to celebrate or arrange business events.

Farmers markets and village festivals, an open-air summer theatre and Toivakka Rally among other events invite visitors to Toivakka during summer. During Christmas time local traditions and events, such as musical performances, Elves’ Treasure Forest, and the local artisans’ Christmas Market fulfill the parish with genuine Christmas ambience. Toivakka offers joyful activities to everyone. On Shrove Tuesday all locals and visitors are invited to join together to slide down the long sledding hill by the village church.

Toivakka is within an easy reach from everywhere and, at the same time, it is protected by its rich nature guaranteeing peace. The parish has a beating heart and its lively villages historical charm. You are warmly invited to come along and experience the joy of Toivakka!