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Lapinjärvi bird-watching tower

Lapinjärvi is one of the best lake areas in Central Finland for bird lovers. There nests, for example, red and tufted ducks, Slavonian grebes, Northern shovelers, garganeys amongst many others. The lake is an important resting place during migration time, and is popular amongst a wide variety of water birds and waders. In spring, for example, Jack snipes can be spotted. During summer brown hawks are common and singing of the spotted crakes can be often heard. Many rare species, such as ring-necked duck, egret, painted bunting, red-footed falcon, pallid harrier and black tern have been spotted in Lapinjärvi and nearby fields of Kankainen.

More information and driving instructions from the Central Finland Bird Club.

Mämminiemi Lake Paradise

Jyväskylä city-owned outdoors, boating and recreational area is located in Toivakka, in the northern part of Lake Päijänne at Ristiselkä shore (east side). Mämminiemi can be reached by car (24 km from Jyväskylä) but it is best accessed by boat along Lake Päijänne. There are access ramps and buoys for boats. In addition, a new pier will be constructed during 2016. Mämminiemi area is about 10 hectares in size, and there is also a cabin with cooking facilities and sauna. In addition, there are two covered barbeque places, restrooms and a possibility to set up a tent.

Address: Rappukalliontie 217, 41630 Oravasaari

Ruuhipirtti Summer Theater

The open-air summer theater at Ruuhipirtti is famous in the whole province. The stage stands in front of a pond in a beautiful setting, and covered seating is available for up to 400 people.

Address: Ruuhipirtintie 44, 41440 Ruuhimäki, tel. +358 (0)14 411 2200


Village Beach “Uimala”

The parish maintained public beach area is located on the shore of Lake Saarinen. During swimming school sessions, Uimala is partly reserved but otherwise it is open for locals and visitors. Information about swimming schools is available on the beach notice board. Facilities include toilets, changing rooms and a picnic table. Please note, Uimala beach has no life guard.

Winter swimming (ice hole) is possible at Uimala. The ice hole is maintained by Toivakan Jäänsärkijät ry association. Members obtain a key to a heated resting room during the season. More information about Toivakan Jäänsärkijät ry is available at Toivakan Rauta-Tuliainen, Toivakantie 30, 41660 Toivakka, tel. +358 (0)400 345 201, +358 (0)14 871 722.

Beach-volley is a popular sport and can be played at Uimala. There is a booking schedule on the beach notice board.

Address: Toivakantie, 41660 Toivakka

Other beaches

Nisula Village beach by Lake Päijänne.

Canoeing trips

Canoeing trip is an excellent way to explore the beautiful lakes in Toivakka. Information about renting the equipment, canoeing trips and routes is available from Pisto Pro Oy.

Pisto Pro Oy, Toivakantie 94, 41660 Toivakka, tel. +358 (0)40 743 5151


Fishing permits depend not only on the fishing method and equipment in use but also on the age of the fisher and specific water area. More information and instructions about fishing permits:

Parkour-park ja RC-car track

Constructed during 2016. More information soon.


Toivakka-Rally event during the summer season. More information

Finland’s largest confiner tree

15 cubic meter pine tree in Toivakka has been measured as the largest confiner in Finland.

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The deepest point of inland waters in Finland

Finland’s inland waters deepest point is located at Ristiselkä on Lake Päijänne, in front of Rappukallio in the western part of Toivakka. The spot is marked as a special character on the charts.

The public recreational spaces and areas in the parish

The parish offers excellent recreational opportunities to all. Facilities include sports hall, gym, frisbee golf track, tennis, skating, street baskets, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, sledding, artificial grass field and sports field with football goals.

More information (in Finnish):